Traceability NEW

We tell the whole story behind our products. Our team has personally met all the suppliers and partners and has got to know the people behind every production step. We also want you to get to know the people and places: enter the traceability code you find in your product and get ready to travel to the origins.

CARPASUS Traceability of Production

The CARPASUS Traceability Code

Each CARPASUS product carries a code on the care label or packaging that helps you find out where and how your garment has been produced. We are 100% transparent about our production, so you will find a lot of information such as photos, profiles of employees, and even the exact location and address of our suppliers.

Enter your code in the field below and track the journey of your product.
IMPORTANT: Please replace any blank spaces in the code by a dash "-". (E.g. instead of "LI1BE 1540245" write "LI1BE-1540245")

Of course you can browse our traceability tool without yet owning a CARPASUS product (although we hope to convince you to get one soon). Just choose a code from below and discover its production.